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This website is just a placeholder - we keep the IP addresses of our customers' virtual private servers organized as subdomains of

You may be interested in the following, though:

Fast virtual private servers

We are offering a selection of VPS servers based on OpenVZ. We don't oversell which allows us to maintain high quality and good performance. Visit Massive VPS.

How to make your website faster

You may use our consultancy services if you need help with making your website faster. We have a special optimization plan for Joomla but we are able to help with many more kinds of technology too. Visit Massive Scale.

Fix problems with your code

If you need help with your code, and you feel you have tried everything, we can try to help you. We know the most popular web technologies: PHP, Python, Django, Linux, Apache, Lighttpd, MySQL but are not limited to that. There are programmers for hire who will help you even with the most obscure build issues.

Secure Joomla 1.0 websites

The days of glory for Joomla 1.0 are long gone, but what to do when you have a webpage built on that version? Live in fear of being hacked? Look no longer, we are offering you secure Joomla 1.0 hosting. We will move your website to our machines, remove viruses and lock it from being changed, all for just the monthly hosting fee.